There comes times where you really just need the advice and vantage point of a creative. When you want unbiased, objective, expert advice on your current or upcoming brand, I’m here for you.

xyz members recieve my highest level of attention and support. Basically, while you get pampered, everyone else must wait.

Yes, the first time we talk, you won’t have to pay. I’ll have a number of questions for you, but mostly will listen to you describe your situation, goals, expectations, skill level and whatnot. I’ll be able to gauge if your situation is something I can improve upon or not. If not, you’ll have full honesty from me.

I’m willing to talk to you about anything on the clock. While I also love discussing marketing, copywriting and web development topics with you, keep in mind that I am not truly an expert in those lines of thought. I am only truly great at ONE thing, and that is graphic design for commercial artwork applications. Branding, logos, designing ads, my expertise lies in the visual communications of graphical elements, not in coming up with the greatest quirky slogan.

That said, when you want to talk to an expert regarding your graphics, I am your guy.

Take things next level

Description coming soon.